Photocopier Relocation


CopierMasters offers a machine removal and photocopier relocation service. With our nationwide reach, we will provide competitive quotes for all Australia-based moves.

We are committed to provide expert and reliable services and we take pride in the quick turnaround times for your business. Our vehicles are fully equipped to handle all digital printer and photocopier removals, installations, collections, and deliveries. Our years of experience in this industry have enabled us to cope with all types of logistics. We make sure that your high value equipment is in hands you can rely on.

We aim to administer dependable arrangements for all of our customers. While costs may vary depending on the equipment’s nature, our customers can expect that our price remains reasonable and equitable.

We have a staff of highly skilled technicians who are trained to safely relocate your printing system whether it be a standard office multi-function photocopier, a wide format plotter, or an entire IT server.

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